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      Snowshoe Fun!



      Looking for a winter activity that is fun for the whole
      family?  You should try snowshoeing!  It requires much less coordination than
      cross-country skiing or ice skating while allowing you to be outside in the
      beautiful snow enjoying the winter woods and frozen lake all dressed in white.
      Snowshoes let you to walk through deep snow with considerably less effort than
      trudging through it with winter boots.  Simply
      strap on the shoes and read the simple guidelines about snowshoeing in the
      woods and you're off. You can go snowshoeing down a trail or across the open
      lake and feel like an adventurer from the past, exploring the winter lands.




      HoneyRock Round-Up Fun In Wheaton

      Over 300 campers and families attended the HoneyRock Round-Up at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL this past Saturday and we were thrilled with the turnout!  It was awesome to see so many campers and parents climbing together, swimming together, and playing together.  The counselors loved reconnecting with campers and hanging out with them, and the staff had so much fun connecting with camper parents.  Let us know if you attended and what you thought!

      The Climbing Wall

      A Game of Soccer

      Meeting up with summer friends.


      Broomball is the name of the game...

      Broomball is a very popular winter sport here at HoneyRock.  It is similar to hockey, but instead of using a puck, it is played with a ball that is about the size of your hand.  No skates are needed in this game. The stick is made of wood or aluminum with a plastic wedge on the end.  It is played on a court that is about the size of a basketball court, and is similar to hockey where each team defends its goal and tries to score on the other team's goal.  The goal is a similar size to a hockey goal.  The game starts with two people in a “face off” at the center of the court, and starts again the same way after each goal.  Team sizes vary, and can be a little as 3 on 3, up to 10 on 10 or more.  The ideal number is about 7 on 7.  Broomball is really challenging because the players have to run, stop, and turn quickly on the slick ice with just their boots.  In order to lower the potential for injuries, several precautions are used such as no high sticking, no checking or physical contact, and the requirement that all players wear a helmet, including the goalie who wears a goalie mask.  Broomball is definitely a favorite winter activity for groups and staff.  When retreat groups are here, you can always see the court lights at night and hear the laughter and excitement coming from that area of camp.



      2008- 2009 GPA Group Arrives


      The Graduate Program Assistantship group has arrived. The Graduate Program
      Assistantships are designed specially for people who have a
      Bachelors degree and desire hands-on training for leadership in camp or
      youth related ministries.
      The 13 students come from all over the country and have experience in wilderness, ministry and travel. The first three weeks will be spent training and building community with one another. For more information about our GPA group, visit our website at

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